Help Us Build an Outdoor Adventure Park in Heart of Downtown Grove.

For now, and for the generations after us.


•Grove Outdoor Adventure Trail System, Inc.


•The goal of the project is to develop a well-designed, sustainable trail system that will enhance the quality of recreation in Grove, Oklahoma. Although mountain bikers may be heading this project, it is not just for bikers. It is intended that this trail system be available to a variety of non-motorized users such as trail runners, hikers and walkers.

•Development of a multi-use trail system will enhance the lives of not only the residents of Grove, Oklahoma, but the numerous annual visitors from outside the region. This enhancement will come not only in the form of higher quality recreation, but will also increase the areas already growing tourism industry.  It could also attract new residents, industry and retailers.

Grove Outdoor Adventure Trail System (G.O.A.T.S.) will be both a very effective non-profit, NGO, dedicated to trail advocacy and construction, and a very fun system of single track trail in and around Grove, Oklahoma.


G.O.A.T.S is a non-profit raising money to purchase the 46 acres tract located in the heart of downtown Grove between 10 Street and Harbor Road.  This is an ideal spot for an Urban Wilderness Adventure Park in the Heart of Downtown Grove.  

We believe the benefits of this project will include better health and vitality for our community members. It will attract active families, increase demand for house and industry.  

We believe a better connection to nature; creates healther, happier people.  Be Brave, Donate to G.O.A.T.S!! 


We need your help.  All donations are appreciate.  Donate BIG or Small.  The smallest donations are appreciated will help us get to our goal.  What if you could be part owner of this park?  Would your family enjoy a nature walk in the park?  Does you mountain bike?  Wish we had wilderness trails around Grand Lake?  This is your chance to be part of something great.  Let's work together and make a positive impact on our community.  Thank you so much for your donations.  And remember, it's tax deductible!!

Get Involved

We are looking for GOATS...Billy Goats, Kidds, Goats of All Ages.  This is going to be an ongoing partnership with the City of Grove.  We will help build and maintain the trails.  We could use your help!  If you'd like to help with the project and be an official Goat Head.  Please let us know.

News 1

Join us for the DCCSAN Ride from Jay to Grove.  The ride ends at Mulligan's with fun, food and live music.

News 2

Pre-Ride Carb Up Dinner is at 1909.  Reservations are Recommended.

News 3

A few of our member will be attending the IMBA Trail building workshop in Arkansas.

Latest Project

Phase 1 of the Grove Trail system is to acquire the land between 10th Street and Har-Ber Road.  This is a 46 acre tract of land that would allow us to have miles of trails in the heart of downtown Grove.

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